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Quantum Group is a diversified group with interests in several growth industries, which have expanded globally over the last two decades.

   Group Focus: The Group's focus for growth in the next five years 2008-2013 will be the acquisition of distressed assets in primarily private companies and real estate in the US and Europe. It will utilize its leverage from its affiliated group of funds. This activity will be augmented by private equity investments in India and China which would be in growth companies which have a synergetic to its core industry strengths which are telecom, power, energy, IT , logistics and infrastructure. The Group also plans to expand into the Middle-East and Africa in certain select sectors. As part of the Group expansion plan,it will continue equity investments, for advancement of technology at the start-up, early and growth stages and  target pre "small-cap" sized firms in North America in the auto, heavy equipment , metal working, pharmaceuticals , power plant, process industries as well as related services such as engineering, medical and clinical research services while the infrastructure investments shall make investments into BOT and BOO or other private ownership schemes for existing or new transportation, water and sewage systems, logistics, airports, toll-way, or bridge projects in US, Europe and Asia.

Amongst its Operating Companies         

   Telecommunications will be identify growth opportunities in the wireless music and video added value services, IPTV and other added value fields such as  logistics software infrastructure and Payment Gateway.

   Power Generation Company, New England Power Company (NEPC) will seek out alternate energy projects that are "green certificate and Government grant" worthy in Europe in wind, solar, fuel-cell and geothermal fields. Also, will design and construct electric transmission systems in several countries. In addition, will continue to develop coal and gas fired plants in Africa and Asia with further development of hydro projects in Asia and Africa which have been ongoing for the last few years

   Hydrocarbon exploration and related Energy Services shall be a major part of the Quantum Group's activity in Middle East and Africa through long term concessions for both offshore and onshore projects  Quantum Energy will provide oilfield services as well as drilling equipment lease back arrangements for several major operators. It will also participate in design, build and commissioning of one major refinery in Northern Africa. Infrastructure related to oilfields such as pipelines, gathering stations, and storage will be an area of investment and focus.

   Sub-Soil Exploration and Exploitation of Mines: Quantum Mines & Minerals shall seek out new concessions in Asia and Africa for copper, bauxite, nickel and iron ore. It will partner with a global operating major company for the development of the mines and will be also mining for precious metals & their minerals processing. It will continue to develop the Aluminum Complex in Asia.

   Quantum Media: will seek to exploit the Middle East market for satellite, broadcast and IPTV content and delivery.

   Real Estate: will be focused on distressed property in the US and Europe, with opportunity for short term holds as well as development projects in the Middle East and Asia for large resort theme park casino type transactions. Certain select special use developments for special use leased out to large clients shall be considered such as datacenters, nanotech research facilities, or any other type of special use facility which has long term leases.

    IT Software Development will concentrate on outsourcing offshore for application development of utilities and telecom companies. 

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