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Wireless & Optical Fibre

  Quantum Group has ongoing interests in fibre & wireless based telecommunications projects. The Group specialises in the following industries: telecommunications, media , information technology and other related infrastructure sectors. It also provides guidance to banks, governments, their agencies and large corporations on their communications requirements. It has formed a subsidiary in Canada , Halifax Communications Company Inc. which focus specifically on meeting the telecommunications needs of smaller cities in Canada ,which are not well services by the major telecom companies. This is in concert with the Canadian Government's initiative to offer broadband services to every Canadian home by year 2006.

    Acted as Advisors to Scientific Atlanta for installation of the first hybrid cable network in Dubai and Abu Dhabi to provide interactive video and telephone services for 20,000 subscribers and planned an additional 150,000 subs over the next 3 years. Completed survey, preliminary engineering and planning for the project feasibility for ETISALAT (Local PTT) to evaluate various technologies such as ADSL, ISDN, Voice over Internet etc.

    Has a major project based on a Mexican long distance license to build a fibre and microwave backbone infrastructure in Southern Mexico (Cancun Area) together with the Mexican Railways and connect to the tip of the Yucatan Peninsula with the undersea cable to Florida.

    Executed and advised on procurement of a fixed wireless services license in one major city in Indonesia. Responsible for doing all facets of planning, pre feasibility study and choice of technology and vendor selection in the wireless market.

    Procure and develop a radio-trunking / SMR license in Estonia nationwide. Assisting in setting up and funding local JV for installation of $25 million in equipment in two cities in 1999.

    Preparation of detailed study for Loral Systems for Direct-To-Home television in India in 1995. This included market research, demand study and financial planning for the venture.

    Advisor to Viacom to launch the Nickelodeon channel in the South Asian subcontinent in 1996.

    Advisor to a pioneer Television Network, South Asia's first music network, in launching satellite and up-linking services in Southeast Asia in 1994-1996

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