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A Telecommunications, Media and Information Technology Company

Quantum Group, a emerging telecom group that has focused primarily on satisfying the rapidly growing broadband and other communications needs of North & South American and emerging market countries in Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe and South America. From a modest beginning in  the early 80's, when the company operated as an advisory firm providing telecommunications consultation to several global companies, a Quantum company called Halifax Communications Company , has transformed itself into a local services provider company (CLEC) and a backbone carrier with several projects in Canada, wherein the company is acting as the Operator of the telecom services.

Since 1999 , a Quantum Group's subsidiary, Halifax Communications Company, with offices in London, Ontario has been developing backbone network as well as providing retail services to small business and residences in several small & medium size cities in Canada. It has developed the network with governmental & community relationships in towns along the entire Trans-Canadian railroad, highway and waterway right of ways from coast to coast in Canada. It also has right of ways to give access to several towns to provide broadband communications services. The Company's regional networks will link to the backbone of the major US and Canadian telecommunications companies' SONET (SDH) and DWDM fibre backbone networks in North America. The Company initially leased the network but now is also in the process of the installation of 3400 kilometer of dark and lit fiber including the installation of optical ADMs, optical switching equipment as well as providing ATM , frame relay and multimedia services for a redundancy, efficient and robust infrastructure in 2003. In addition, to this backbone, it is also rolling out a Fiber-to-Home network in Manitoba and Ontario in 2003. 

The Company focuses on this unique growth potential by providing these non-urban territories with the ideal marriage of the state of the art technology with the customer need. The company's area of expansion is mainly in the small and medium sized cities of countries where the major established telecommunications companies (including the local PTTs) have under-served.
  Each of these telecommunications projects range from $5 million to $150 million and transgress the field of telecommunications into media and information processing industry.
  The Company has a diversified portfolio that covers the founding, development, staffing and corporate growth of several start-up ventures as well as established successfully expansion capital of telecommunications and IT companies.
  Quantum operates by forming partnerships, joint ventures and other relationships in consortium with local partners in each country and several foreign equipment and technology partners for each of its projects. It has special long term relationships in each of the countries with political and commercial entities to facilitate these major projects.

With the backing of two major private equity funds as well as partnerships with the major Hydro companies in Canada , it is poised to become the first coast to coast Integrated Communications Provider (ICP) which has partnered with the profitable model of cooperating with the local hydros to get local access to every home in the rural Canada. The total project rollout of the company exceeds US$500,000,000 and is backed by major Canadian and US banks and equity funds.

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