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Telecom Projects

Quantum Communications :

Quantum Group’s Global Networks is committed to connecting information, people and ideas by providing the highest-quality telecommunications services to its customers. The company provides bandwidth transport services, critical carrier infrastructure, and outstanding customer service.

About Quantum Technology Center

Quantum Global Networks is developing a state-of-the-art technology center which would offer critical Infrastructure for the regional  telecommunications industry. Located in Bridgeport, Connecticut, USA would become the premier carrier hotel in the State. Originally built in stages from 1912 to 1928, this facility is on the historic register and is a noted Bridgeport landmark. The building is planned to be  completely renovated in 2003 to create a modern carrier hotel while preserving the historical stature of the building.

The Quantum Technology Center would offer the ideal environment for telecommunications carriers. An abundance of riser space and exterior conduit, redundant power supply, and efficient utilities, support medium sized businesses in a secure environment.

Amenities such as heavy load-bearing floors, large floor plates, and wide column spacing will allow for maximum flexibility in equipment deployment. 

A centrally-located meet-me-room speeds up the time to market and provides customers with multiple network choices, enhanced reliability, and capital efficiency.

Insignia/ESG , a leading real estate services company provides on-site property management services for Quantum Global Networks at Bridgeport. Insignia's presence and expertise benefits tenants with immediate response times and experienced personnel who understand the needs of telecommunications tenants.

 Quantum’s Global Networks' Transport provides reliable and secure private line long haul services. Using Quantum’s Transport, the businesses can focus on their business knowing their long-haul needs are being met.

End-to-end Connectivity
Through our Transport Partners program, Quantum Global Networks can give its customers the ability to efficiently connect  the Metro Markets anywhere in Canada & North America at bandwidth speeds ranging from DS3 to OC-192. The seamless combination of Metro and Transport gives the customers the true nationwide end-to-end connectivity that it requires. To ensure the highest network and service performance, Quantum Transport carries your critical data at guaranteed service levels, and our dedicated account team provides unparalleled customer service.

A Full Range of Benefits

Quantum Global Networks'  Transport provides:

   A flexible, cost-effective, and seamless solution for all traffic types

   Committed service to meet the highest standards

   Network monitoring 24 hours a day, seven days a week

   Compatibility with Quantum Metro for end-to-end connectivity

   Dedicated account management

 Quantum is becoming The Center of Interconnectivity in  Connecituct

Quantum’sGlobal Networks Company introduces Quantum Connect, a service designed to speed your time to market through rapid cross connects with your business partners. Centralized cross connects, increased security, standard connection agreements, dedicated maintenance staff, and inventory tracking-Quantum Connect delivers them all. Feature-rich. Carrier-neutral. Quantum Connect delivers the next generation meet-me-room.

Bottomline Impact. Reduced personnel costs, reduced inventory costs, reduced maintenance costs. Quantum Connect delivers real cost savings while significantly accelerating revenue

The Next Generation of Interconnectivity
Speed.  Quantum Connect delivers faster cross connects and service delivery times by making interconnections between carriers and other service providers quick and easy. Your time to market is significantly reduced and revenue is accelerated.

Choice. Connect with  Quantum Connect and choose your business partners with no obligation to interconnect with any one carrier. Participate in meet-me-room arrangements with guaranteed neutrality.

Conditioned Space. Whether your primary focus is interconnection or collocation, Quantum Connect can provide state-of-the-art, secure, conditioned space for cabinets and cages with AC and DC power, both fully backed up.

Reliability. Quantum Connect offers 24/7 monitoring by fully trained staff for the quickest response to service disruptions.

Technology. You demand an optimal interconnection with your business partners and Quantum Connect delivers with the latest technology. As your business grows, Quantum Connect will grow with you; we've forward-engineered our systems for ease of upgrades.


 About Quantum Metro

Quantum Global Networks' Metro service is a high-speed dedicated private line transport service that is engineered to provide you with seamless, reliable connectivity between two or more locations within the same city. Currently, Quantum’s metro services are  is available through their subsidiary, Halifax Communications Company (HCC) in Canada in London, Ontario.

Metro Advantage
With its unique flat rate pricing plans, Metro Network is an extremely cost effective way for your business to connect multiple locations within our metro markets. Quantum’s Global Networks offers bandwidth transmission rates ranging from DS-1 to OC-12 (OC-48 ICB), rapid provisioning intervals and guaranteed on-net service levels. In addition, our dedicated Account Management team and the security of 24/7 network monitoring give you the customer service, reliability, and security that your company requires

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