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Electrical Engineer
MAURITANIA                ON GOING

Designed a data acquisition system for SNIM's track geometry car, program the system and install the equipment in Mauritania. Responsible for training local staff in the use of the system.
COTE D'IVOIRE                    1999
Assist in the preparation of a World Bank style tender document for the installation of a fibre optic telecommunications system between Abidjan and Ouagadougou for SITARAIL railway. Participated in the evaluation of the technical and financial bids and assisted with selection of the winning bid.
MALI                    1999
Participated in the gathering of railway communications needs. Assisted in the preparation of World Bank style tender document for the installation of new telecommunications system based on the microwave technology.
RUSSIA                  1995 - 1996
Assisted in the preparation of telecommunication specifications for the installation of a packet data network supporting X 25 protocol.
EGYPT                   1995
Software development
Adapted a Train Performance Simulator Program, developed in Lotus 1-2-3 for a Windows' environment and prepared a training course manual for ENR (Egyptian National Railways) engineers.
SUDAN                   1994
Participated in the feasibility study to modernize the railway's signalling and telecommunications systems.
Participated in the study of various strategies principally concerning the modernisation of the Sudan Railways Corporation (SRC) signalling and telecommunications facilities.
CANADA                    1994
Improvement of the QCM telecommunication network
Gave support to telecommunications engineers for development of technical solutions, evaluating their costs and recommending the best solution. Prepared tables comparing cash flows of different technical solutions over 10 years.
TANZANIA                  1994
Tanzania Railway Corporation (TRC) Telecommunications Implementation
Participated in the preparation of the tender document for the modernisation of TRC telecommunications systems.
SENEGAL                  1994
Programmed FoxPro software with the aim of developing CANARAIL's locomotive parts control system to be used by workshop staff in consulting spare parts catalogues. The objective was to help staff in spare parts ordering process and translating catalogue information from French to English. The software had to be "user friendly".
CANADA                   1994
Worked with the Transportation Economist in evaluating transportation costs for an intermodal "MOQ RAIL" study. Carried out a computer analysis of unit cost for different routes and different load configurations in Canada.
JORDAN                   1994
Shediya line detailed feasibility study and preparation of plans and specifications
Simulated with the TPC (Train Performance Calculator) different train configuration operations. The results helped determine the optimum number of wagons, locomotives and their physical and operational characteristics.
MALI                    1994
The project objective was to provide Régie du Chemin de Fer du Mali (RCFM) with technical and procurement assistance for the general rehabilitation of 8 GM locomotives.
Wrote the final report to be submitted to Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) and the RCFM.
UNIVERSITé DE MONTRéAL           1994
Study, in collaboration with Ecole Polytechnique microwave and space technology research laboratories, of the Heterojunction Bipolar Transistor (HBT), future fast commutation transistor that should be used for aerospatial applications. Determination of the transistor's parameters. The method used consisted in programming a code in C language that enables embedding and de-embedding the mathematical model of the transistor. Results were compared to experimental measurements for validation.

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