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   With predecessor firms dating back to mid-80s, it has achieved several decades of cross-industry experience in varied fields which include IT, telecom, power utilities, mining, technology research and real estate

   Pioneering expansion of a European based telecom company which provided overseas long distance business overlay services various major overseas carriers in Russia, Ukraine, Philippines & Venezuela in 1993.

   Advisors for a large corporation for the initial capitalization and debt structuring ( including setting up the management team) to successfully market added value telecom services in the Philippines, Indonesia, Russia, Romania, Poland and South America for caller ID and voice messaging in 1994-1996.

   Set up a private communications services provider with VSAT networks in the Philippines for data and voice communication. Also, installed these networks for a local banking operation in 1996.

   Turn Key contract services for Publicas Nova Ltd. to set up video services via satellite in Asia on a sub-lease basis. In the US , the Quantum's customer, American Independent Network, installed mobile up-links and 172 down- links sites to provided completely remote operation of the nation-wide TV network in 1994

   Founders of a telephone debit card, United Telecommunications, into a full function telephone company access and installation with One-Plus with LEC billing and international traffic with 3 platform locations in Los Angeles, New York and Miami..

   Company has operated for Satellite communications for UNITEL and marketed satellite transponders for RIMSAT ( Gorizant Russian C-Band ) geo-stationary satellites and instrumental in planning, financing and launching one Express satellite.

   Advisors on the planning and execution in conjunction with global major advertising agency participation in a media blitz for global telecom specializing in direct response marketing and having extensive coverage in the placement of print, TV and radio ad campaigns in the Europe, Latin America and Asia.


Since 1999 , the company's subsidiary, Halifax Communications Company, with offices in London, Ontario has been developing backbone network as well as providing retail services to small business and residences in several small & medium size cities in Canada. It has developed the network with governmental & community relationships in towns along the entire Trans-Canadian railroad, highway and waterway right of ways from coast to coast in Canada. It also has right of ways to give access to several towns to provide broadband communications services.
The Company's regional networks will link to the backbone of the major US and Canadian telecommunications companies' SONET (SDH) and DWDM fibre backbone networks in North America. The Company initially leased the network but now is also in the process of the installation of 3400 kilometer of dark and lit fiber including the installation of optical ADMs, optical switching equipment as well as providing ATM , frame relay and multimedia services for a redundancy, efficient and robust infrastructure in 2003. In addition, to this backbone, it is also rolling out a Fiber-to-Home network in Manitoba and Ontario in 2003.

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