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World Trade Centers Development in Emerging Countries

Quantum Group Real Estate Development Group and its affiliates has the licenses to build , own and operate World Trade Centers in Abuja, Nigeria and Dhaka , Bangladesh

“Promoting World Peace Through World Trade”

The WTC’s Mission Statement

The WTC will be an organization that stands outside politics across national boundaries, in service to those who develop and facilitate international trade. With its unique global mission and membership, the WTCs around the world have been a world leader in creating innovative service for international business.

WTC  History

The WTC organization was established in 1970 to facilitate international trade by bringing those together exporters, importers and service providers. The first seeds of the international movement were sown in 1970 when the pioneer World Trade centers- Houston, New Orleans, New York and Tokyo and a number of World Trade center enthusiasts first organized the World Trade Centers.

World Trade Centers are a not-for-profit, non-political association that fosters the WTC concept and develops inter-WTC cooperative programs. WTCA membership includes nearly 300 WTCs in almost 100 countries. Over 750,000 companies are affiliated with WTCA members worldwide.

About World Trade Centers
Its more than a building or an organization, a World Trade Center (WTC) brings together business government agencies involved in international trade, provides essential trade services and stimulates the economy of the region it serves. A WTC puts all the services associated with global commerce under one roof. A WTC address gives a business prime and continuous access and exposure to all the services, organizations and individuals essential for success in world trade.

"A World Trade Center in any city is a business shopping center, complementing and supporting the existing services of private and government agencies”

The purpose of the World Trade Center is to have information available to businesses in a timely and coordinated manner. Exporting for companies increases because of the immediate accessibility to valuable expertise and energy created by a vibrant market place of international trade activity.

WTC Member Services & Facilities

A WTC offers its members and tenants a wide range of facilities and services. Since WTC services are reciprocal, members can access them at all operating WTCs around the world. Here are the services and facilities that are offered to companies seeking to expand international markets:

Trade Information & Market Research - WTCs provide up-to-date information about their respective regions, including local products and services, market conditions, government regulations and business culture. WTCs furnish detailed profiles of local business contacts, including manufacturers, distributors and services providers. They also perform market research tailored to specific needs.

Trade Shows & Exhibit Space - Supported by highly professional staff and geared to take advantage of the prime location that a WTC provides. WTCs take a leading role in hosting trade-oriented events. In addition, WTCs have year round display space for local products and services.

Business Services - WTCs offer state of the art support facilities. This includes video conferencing, Internet access, word processing and more. Flexible arrangements for temporary office space, meeting rooms, secretarial services and translation capabilities are also available.

Trade Education Services - There are also regular speaker programs on timely topics chosen by our WTC management. The WTCs offer practical international trade courses about key local and global business issues. Interactive discussions about international topics are offered through a series of seminars and workshops.

Group Trade Missions - Includes taking part in outbound missions to explore new markets and receiving incoming business groups.

WTC Club at Quantum Group’s  World Trade Center - Promote business networking by providing comfortable lounge and dining services for members and their guests. Offer private rooms with general office services for various types of business gatherings. Networking forums are arranged on specialized subjects to facilitate business contacts.

Summary: A World Trade Center is a recognizable symbol of locally focused economic strength in world commerce. Anchored by a unique combination of tenants and visitors, a World Trade Center is bustling hub of export activity. Membership requirements and cost vary according to each World Trade Center

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