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Quantum Mines & Minerals Inc.

Quantum Mines & Minerals Ltd.,  a part of the Quantum Group of companies , is a rapidly growing mining and metals company whose principal activities include acquisition of concessions or long term licenses for mineral exploration, development and mining. In 2001, in addition, the company has mandated a "green earth" policy that would require as a pre-condition to any corporate board approvals , the complete remediation of all mining properties that it operates on and use its best efforts to put back the areas around the mines to their original "eco-condition". This includes providing adequate resettlement and rehabilitation to any local residents  that may be displaced or disadvantaged in the areas directly or indirectly affected by the mining operations. To exert and promote internal corporate ecological morals and contention within this high growth business sectors, it has merged two diverse divisions, metal mining ( which is known to have adverse environmental impact) and clean water resource acquisition ( in search for pure water and infrastructure for  better potable water supply for emerging country.   

The company is focused on:

   Alluvial gold concession in Northern Brazil covering  area  of 520  square miles along the rivers close to Brazilian-Guyana border. This exploration license is in one of the most sought after alluvial gold mining in Brazil. The company has deployed several lavador based machines and personnel for the last two years and will be expanding their operations in 4Q08.

   Bauxite mining license has been obtained in one of the world's richest deposits of bauxite in Western African country of Guinea. The license includes the rights to convert the bauxite into alumina for export. The company is forming a consortium with three global leaders in the Aluminum processing industry and is seeking financing from international banking group.It is also seeking a major bauxite concession in South Asia which will become part of an integrated aluminum complex.

   It has signed an MOU for a copper concession in Sumbawa Island in Indonesia and has obtained long term exploration and mining concession for copper and cobalt in West Africa in the country of the Democratic Republic of Congo. This 25 year 2300 square mile concession covers the largest proven deposits of copper and cobalt in West Africa.

   The company is seeking mining resources in the Middle East and Africa for copper, coal, iron and nickel and has initiated several MOUs for mining properties in four strategic countries.

Clean Water Resources 

In the early 1990’s , the Quantum Group founders expended significant efforts a purer form of water called “Micro-water”. The company then marketed  this concept thru products such are “Merlin” water and 

Micro-water as the name may suggest is’nt a new discovery. It has been in nature and has been on mountainous glaciers since time immemorial. Only 6-8 water molecules cluster together in “glacier water”. This is much less than the 10-12 water ( H2O) molecules clusters found in lake or sea water, for example. Thus, since the “glacier water” has very higher penetration thru the skin pores, it feels very “refreshing and cool”.

Water makes up over 70% of the human body weight. Thus clean water is the truly a “gift of life” itself. Yet over one billion world citizens do not have safe drinking water, and thus cannot healthy life, and some don’t live at all.

They are the innocent children and desperate families living in overcrowded urban ghettos, in refugee encampments, and in towns and villages too numerous to count in rural areas of developing countries.  Here, less than 50% of the population have access to safe drinking water and only 25% have access to sanitary systems.

They are unfortunate victims of drought and ever-changing environmental conditions.  When drought occurs, their countryside is transformed into an arid wasteland where every living thing seems to cry out for lack of water.

 These precious people do not have enough water to grow and harvest food, enough water to keep their livestock alive, enough clean water to protect themselves and their children from hunger and disease.

Simply put - they do not have enough water to live.

 Water ... can overcome hunger

Worldwide hunger problems are really water problems.

Without water, crops and livestock wither and die.  People go hungry and become weak.  Weakness allows disease to run its course and finally the “Quiet Killer” – hunger, takes its toll.

At this moment, many communities in over 50 countries throughout the world are suffering needlessly because water is either insufficient or polluted or may not exist at all.

A sad irony is that many times there is life saving water just 100 feet away!

Directly underground.  So near, yet too far for people lacking the tools and knowledge to reach it.

But with technologies ranging from simple and inexpensive to state-of-the-art, Global Water is helping poor communities in developing countries find new supplies of clean, life-sustaining water.

And when clean, fresh water begins to flow in a community -- a whole new life begins – free from the threat of food shortages and a myriad of health-related problems that are associated with hunger.

That’s the power of water.

Water ... can overcome disease

Daily, almost 40,000 men, women, and children die from diseases directly related to drinking polluted water.

Even if there is enough food to eat, families may still be slowly dying from another form of hunger called “invisible hunger” and it comes from drinking unsafe water.

Waterborne parasites, received from drinking contaminated water, multiply continuously in already weakened bodies -- robbing their hosts of the nourishment and energy they need to grow and develop normally.

A full 80% of fatal childhood diseases that kill children and destroy families worldwide are caused -- not by shortages of food and medicine -- but by drinking contaminated water.

When you think of fighting hunger, you may think only of emergency relief efforts bringing shipments of food.

When you think of healing disease, you may think only of doctors, nurses and medicine. 

But you can actually stop hunger, heal disease and save many thousands of precious lives with the simple gift of water.

And long after a humanitarian relief effort has ended and temporary medical teams have gone -- the gift of water continues to heal.

It is truly a life-saving solution.

Water ... can overcome poverty

Water is the lifeblood of a community.  When water is unsafe to drink, the entire community suffers.

Sick children lack the energy to learn and weak young men lack the drive to work hard – and so poverty continues.

In many rural communities, it is the women and children who are responsible for locating and transporting water.  Fulfilling this daily responsibility often leaves little or no time for women to pursue developmental opportunities and for the young to get an education – and so poverty continues.

Nothing can change a community like providing a source of clean water for the first time.  It creates a complete transformation.  It has the power to actually stop the cycle of poverty.  The entire community becomes healthier.  For the first time, children become eager to learn while young men and women are able to work harder to produce an income and more food.  Everyone can envision better futures and begin working towards them.

Giving clean water to a poverty stricken community is like giving a blood transfusion to a dying man.  Water means new potential, new hope for a better tomorrow, and a new life.

Simply put - Water helps people help themselves  

The lack of access to safe drinking water is the primary cause of disease and poverty in the world. Quantum is advocating the cause by joining several  international non-profit, non-sectarian, and non-governmental humanitarian organizations specifically committed to the development of safe water supplies and related health programs that enable people to help themselves in developing countries around the world. To achieve this goal, the focus is to provide permanent solutions to a region’s water needs by providing appropriate equipment (to include state-of-the-art technology) to:

1) Drill new water wells to allow rural populations access to safe, clean groundwater; and

2 Purify, store, and distribute new and existing sources of water for domestic uses (such as: drinking, cooking, and hygiene), as well as agricultural purposes.

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