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Quantum Media & TV
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Services Provided

Quantum Media  is an innovative and creative media service company – utilize global resources for content creation, management and distribution. From commercials and hit TV series, to blockbuster movies and "next-generation" digital media services, Quantum Media is poised to become a premiere provider of end-to-end services for the media and entertainment industries in Asia. 

“Near Real Time” Language Translation Technology

With the foremost experts in the field as part of their team, Quantum will deliver to our clients real time translations of content in several languages, and thus would become Asia’s hub for content translation.

Creative Services Descriptions                                                                      

Quantum Media Creative Services helps to produce the world's most memorable television shows, commercials and motion pictures. With its leased video and sound facilities in Los Angeles, New York, London and Singapore, we work with producers, directors and networks to ensure their visions come through on the screen.

Media Management Services Description

Quantum  Media Management Services optimizes, archives and manages content assets for global physical and digital distribution.  We help content owners maximize the revenue potential of their assets by providing duplication, format & language  conversions, restoration and digital encoding services for syndication, sell-through and international markets.

Network Services Description

From the satellite and fiber links that connect your programming to the world, to the systems and technology on which it all depends, Quantum Media Network Services offers a vertically integrated suite of services that can be bundled into a comprehensive broadcast distribution solution that gets you on the air...and keeps you there.

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