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Quantum Media & TV
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Talent, Technology and Tenacity

Creative professionals.  Masters of their craft.  Recognized with award after award celebrating innovation and creativity.

We gather the talent and the resources to help any director, advertiser, composer or post-production supervisor realize their creative dream. On time.  On budget. At every point along the post-production process--from dailies', color-correction, and VFX, to sound and finishing Our technical experts represent decades of experience caring for the world's most valuable content.

Developing and deploying digital asset management technologies Designing and operating the most diverse and advanced network origination facilities Our engineers and media management professionals are leading-edge innovators who pioneer new ways to approach high def production, on-demand delivery platforms, remote “real time” edit supervision and “store and forward” content delivery systems There is art in our science, and science in our art We give our talent the tools and technologies they need to span both.

Quantum Media Group is committed to continued investment in platforms and technologies demanded not only by our clients, but also by our talent. Whether the latest high definition special effects engine or the most advanced automated Master Control hardware, we give our own people and our clients what they need to perform as effectively and efficiently.

At Quantum Media Group we have invested millions of dollars to ensure that we have the best of equipment.  

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