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This company is a subsidiary of Quantum Group.


There has been an extraordinary revolution in the media and entertainment business. Quantum Media brings together the talent and technology to guide our customers through these changes. We deliver them the best  tools and the know-how to ensure that their success.

Quantum Media Group will become the first media services company to provide world wide integrated resources to clients seeking creative, media management and distribution solutions at any point along their projects' life cycle.

Quantum Media Group was created because there is in Asia  a real technical and creative gap that evolving media platforms would create for content owners, distributors and consumers. A customer-centric company with a foundation in the traditional media like Quantum Media would be needed in the marketplace to fill this gap. 

This is Quantum’s  vision by linking superlative creative talent, state-of-the-art technologies and the entrepreneurial resolve necessary to deliver creative global solutions to our clients.
This means that  our ability to provide clients, no matter where they are, with resources, operational flexibility and cost margins which free the client to do what they do best…creating, managing, and delivering the world's most compelling content.

At present Quantum Media leases facilities in Beijing. Our employees are proud to have earned the trust from over twenty years serving the media and entertainment industries.

Though our industry is changing, our promise remains the same: To provide our clients with world-class quality and customer service.

Quantum Media clients enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that their content is prepared by the world's best creative talent, is managed and cared for by experienced operators armed with state-of-the-art technologies, and is distributed by industry veterans who always perform accurately, securely and reliably.

There are three fundamental components to delivering the Quantum Media proposition—extraordinary talent, innovative tools and technologies, and the tenacity to deliver for our clients.

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