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Under the simple basic definition of e-commerce, a product must be offered, accepted, contracted for and paid for electronically. 

Q-Soft's mission is to minimize e-commerce barriers which currently preclude prospective customers in foreign domains from conducting e-commerce transactions. Q-Soft has developed software products and interfaces which can run on and become resident and embedded on e-commerce shopping cart and payment processor software packages.

Currently, global e-commerce websites attract millions of "window shoppers" without giving them the ability to actually purchase a product because the e-merchants do not have the ability to open international merchant accounts. For example, a Chinese shopper would not be able to purchase a product from a France-based website if the French proprietor of the website did not have an international merchant account with a Chinese bank to facilitate the trade, because the currencies of these two nations are blocked and regulated.

To achieve the "global reach" objective, Q-Soft has developed a unique "open" architecture software interface module which will be integrated into payment processor software and shopping cart software. Such integration will provide Q-Soft with the ability to electronically redirect every access that culminates in an e-purchase made on any e-commerce website to Q-Soft's data center in Bermuda.

Strategic partnership

Q-Soft has formed a strategic partnership with two major international banks, BNP Banque Parisbas and NatWest, which will guarantee the Company's clients due diligence processes resulting in international merchant accounts within 48 hours, anywhere in the world at very preferable rates.

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