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Pursuing the highest quality standard in software programming is our distinguishable competitive edge widely recognized in the industry. Since the beginning of our company's production, we have been using ISO9001 quality standard. Recently we have started another major quality initiative to become CMM (Capacity and Maturity Measurement) certified.

With consistent efforts for many years, we have systematically established a comprehensive suite of procedures for quality software development and programming. These Quantum Systematic Procedures (QSP) was introduced by our Software engineers from the U.S., refined over the years, and has been applied rigorously to all development projects to which we are obligated. This QSP not only defines a software development process, but also defines roles and responsibilities of every involving departments and their inter-relationships.

At the core of this QSP, our software programming consists of three key departments: Systems Architecture and Design, Development, and Configuration & Test. Each department controls a key piece of the process, and is responsible for the quality of the piece it produces.

Following this QSP, Software Quality Assurance (SQA) is organized within each of the three key departments, which is approximately one third of the total staff in size. It is involved in every phase of project development, including early stage of requirement study.

During the development of a project, SQA requires that each phase produces its documentation, conducts major inspection on all deliverables and assures the output meet quality standard. PSP defines a process in which all user requirements are divisible, traceable and testable through the whole life cycle of the project.

The unit testing, integration testing and systems testing are all conducted against requirements that are subdivided in various details as appropriate over the course of the project. We have materialized the separation of development environment (where unit testing is done), systems testing environment and user acceptance environment. We deploy a suite of development, debugging and testing tools, including MS SourceSage, Heap Agent, PVCS, SQL, Purify etc., to help deliver quality products.

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