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Hardware Platform Skills

Quantum would utilize the heavy investment made by the Software Park in extensive lines of hardware/software platforms, including IBM AS/400, IBM RS/6000, DEC Alpha, Sun Sparc workstations, Cisco networking equipment, PCs, NT servers and Oracle, Sybase, Informix and DB2 databases. Our facilities will be are fully networked to the Software Park's Data Center using advanced Cisco Catalyst Switch 5000 system. DDN lines are dedicated to customer services and technical support. Both 128K bandwidth satellite and OC3 fiber bandwidth is available on demand for international connectivity. Hardware Platform expertise of company is planned as follows.

Platform Number of experts Platform Number of experts
AS/400 10 VAX 2
HP 9000 5 Sun Servers 39
DEC Alpha 3 Silicon Graphics 8
Network PC 97 RS/6000 57

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