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Information Technology
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Areas of Expertise

Web Based Application Development

We have developed various Web based applications for banks, security brokers, electric utility companies using Web technologies such as 

HTML,VRML, Java, Active/X by using FrontPage 98, JDBC, CGI, InterDEV, ASP, and VB 6.0, and so on.

Client/Server Computing

All our engineers are familiar with client/server architecture and technologies. Quantum has developed client server application on AIX, HP-UX, SCO Unix, Sun Solaris, Windows NT, Windows 95 and IBM OS/2 platforms using OSF/Motif, Uniface, PowerBuilder, Delphi, Visual C/C++, Visual Basic, and Java.
Distributed Computing. We have acquired solid expertise in middle-ware technologies, including TP monitors, ORB and COM+. With our expertise using CORBA, Java, C++, IIOP and database technologies, has helped us to deliver a large number of Intranet applications.


As a document management and workflow application, our application software is based on Lotus Notes. It has been widely used in government agencies, state-run and private enterprises


We are good at database systems including Oracle, Sybase, DB2, Informix and Microsoft SQL Server. We have used DB2, Sybase and Oracle databases for a number of banking and trading applications that require large throughput of transaction processing. We have also used Sybase and SQL Server for many data mining and decision support applications.


Networking and computer telephone integration were Quantum's initial focus and still remain a very active area that Quantum is working on. Quantum has been issued several awards to some applications developed by Quantum, and deployed them throughout the world.

Engineering Consultancy

Our expertise are very often sought after by the clients in areas of application requirements analysis, architecture and design, project feasibility study, project evaluation and estimation, project management, software development, product deployment and systems integration. In many cases, Quantum is contracted to develop customized total solutions to its clients' business.
Software Migration/Porting. Our engineers have ported software applications between HP 9000, IBM RS/6000, DEC Alpha and Sun Solaris platforms, which often involved data migration between Oracle, Sybase and Informix.

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