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Quality and Technical Resource

As ISO 9001 certified, we are maintained a very rigorous quality control procedure and the standard that are specially briefed in the quality commitment section of this paper. We intend to be the best software engineers with the highest quality standard, at a low cost that is not available elsewhere. Our R&D partnership with the major Chinese Top 4 universities like Zhejiang University and Beijing Aeronautical University, provide to us significant advantage to absorb the most updated software technology and the well trained human talents. The abundant qualified labor pool and the know how to organize these talents provide Quantum with a strong competitive edge in the market.

Cost Savings

We are extremely competitive and flexible on pricing. We aim to be the best coding service provider with the most competitive price available in the marketplace. We can save your company over 50% of the costs of hiring personnel and even more if the solution was to use contractors. You wind up with all the normal outsourcing benefits of no continuing personnel cost obligation, and have a much lower cost as well. You will also have savings on hardware for development platforms. We are highly equipped, and have materialized the separation of environments separation for development, systems testing and user acceptance.

Start-up Time and Communications

Coming to Quantum could be much faster than trying to staff a project in-house. Small projects can be started within days. For large projects, management routines get established rapidly. Our technical staff can help you at your site minimize any delays to guarantee good communications with our development base. All our programmers, who work on your project must be able to communicate with you effectively via Internet, voice/video conference technologies. Our highly secure servers enable you to have instant communication with high level encryption. You can easily review progress or make any desired changes over these secure links.

Security of Data

As a US company, all our contracts must be construed in accordance with US Federal laws and regulations. All transmission of our technical data must be licensed or specially approved as required by the government protection. We are very serious about the rights of our customer to their own confidential information, invention or patent, copyright or other intellectual property in a project that we are contracted. We have track records of speedy procedures that offer security with extensive background checks and identification requirement for anyone entering areas that have customer's data available. Under highly controlled encryption system, all our development environments are physically separated and divided to guarantee the absolute security of the data.

Service at Site and On-Time Delivery

If your project needs extensive interaction with people within your company, our technical experts can be posted at your site. They interact with your people and run the offshore team from your location. We can quickly add additional developers if needed. Our experienced project managers know how to properly set schedules, create realistic expectations, and maintain communication well with clients. We will give you realistic schedules and guarantee completion dates and/or costs.

Strong Management and Stable Balance Sheet

The company's senior management has proved its solid skills and strategic vision by leading the company from its infancy to a premier name in the software industry. With profitable operation for many years, Quantum enjoys a strong balance sheet and healthy cash flow, as well as favorable tax deduction and land use discount. We share these benefits with our customers.


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