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QUANTUM ENERGY INC.  is a diversified energy company headquartered in Houston, Texas and with offices in Calgary, Geneva, Zug, Abuja, Gabon & Sao Tome. It also has a wholly owned subsidiary in the United Kingdom.

 It has three separate and independent companies which are: 

  • Oil and Gas Resources responsible for investments and funding of oil and gas concessions, licenses and multiple services contracts
  • Oilfield Services which takes on turn key contracts, multiple services contracts , drilling and operator services
  • Physical crude oil and refined products trading

Management Team consists of energy industry veterans, whose predecessor corporations have successfully owned and operated oil & gas drilling businesses for over 25 years.

Its management team, with its long experience in the industry and through its strategic government relations in various parts of the world, is able to secure and identify viable fields for development, under terms that are flexible and viable to its needs.

None of our operating, production and engineering professionals have ever been subject to any EPA or safety claims, which reflects the Quantum team’s impressive track record of environmental responsibility.

In addition to its core oil and gas exploration business of the Company since its formation has been in the crude, refined products and LNG physical trading business. This trading business has operations under several separate offshore companies.

Many of our partnerships date back to the founding of our company as majority of the senior staff has decades of relationships with national oil companies around the globe. We're proud of that. These long-term partnerships have been a collaborative effort built on trust and are a result of the high rate of satisfaction with our overall performance. We work to earn trust and satisfaction by consistently responding to their needs with sound technical advice and innovative solutions.

Quantum Oil & Gas Acquisition Division has a team of internationally recognized energy experts with more than 35 years experience in worldwide hydrocarbon exploration-exploitation. 

Based on know-how and relationships around the world, Quantum has the ability to induce local governments to allocate oil & gas reserves to its clients either through oil and gas production-sharing agreements or concession agreements.

Quantum’s team of geologists and geo-physicists are former explorationists with major US and European oil companies where they conducted seismic stratigraphy and basin analysis on behalf of their clients in Southeast Asia, South America, Africa, Middle East and East European countries . They have achieved a superior record of geological-geophysical success in the discovery of several world-class oil discoveries, and has built a record of leadership and uncompromising integrity during the successful execution of such responsibilities as an Advisors to producing countries,Energy Ministries and as Exploration and Exploitation Consultants for oil companies worldwide. They have published numerous famous papers in varied technologies that include integrated basin analysis with special know-how on analysis using Seismic Stratigraphy MPI laboratories and studies focusing on basin evolution, risk analysis, paleostress determinations, 2-D and 3-D seismic processing and sequence stratigraphy principally in basins around the globe.


Quantum Energy Services

Quantum Energy Services, a subsidiary of Quantum Group plans to start regional  marketing and trading activities, its growing LNG business, a select group of power generation assets, and its petroleum logistics operations. New England Energy Services is a LNG trading group would market and trade natural gas, power, petroleum, and petroleum products worldwide .It would also manage an extensive network of energy  trading operations shortly. Our objective is to increase cash flow, earnings and returns to our shareholders. We accomplish this by expanding our revenue base through the construction of extensions necessary to service additional wells drilled and others and through accretive acquisitions of mid-stream energy assets such as natural gas gathering, transmission, processing and storage facilities and liquid gathering, transmission and storage facilities. In addition we plan to limit operating costs by achieving economies of scale as a result of expanding our operations through extensions and acquisitions. We plan to continue to strengthen our balance sheet by financing our growth with a combination of long-term debt and equity to provide the financial flexibility for funding future opportunities. We believe that our focus on gas gathering systems and the extensive prior experience of our management in the operation of gathering systems, provide us with a competitive advantage in executing our growth strategy to achieve our business objectives.

We gather natural gas through our pipeline system from more than 4,800 wells for delivery to a variety of customers on major intra-and/or interstate pipeline systems and a limited number of direct end-users. This transported gas is primarily controlled by our company transports approximately 510 million cubic feet of gas per day from more than 1,250 receipt points and wells to interstate pipelines in northeastern and central US, local distribution companies and to its gas processing and treating facilities in the Mid West where natural gas liquids (NGL) and impurities are removed. We then sell the resulting residue gas and NGL and remits a portion of those proceeds to the producer.

Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG)

Quantum Energy sources its Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) internationally and domestically, directly from producers in the field or from refineries processing raw mix or crude oil. Domestically, third party processing provides Quantum Energy with a vehicle through which untreated field production of natural gas can be processed thus benefiting the producer and pipelines. Internationally, bulk shipments of butanes, propane, pentanes, etc., are delivered to Quantum Energy’s contracted facilities on the U.S. east and Gulf Coast for isomerization processing, petrochemical applications, or into product blending (e.g., gasoline).


Over the last several years, Quantum Energy has serviced the needs of large and small manufacturers involved in the pharmaceutical, paper, metal, printed product, textile, etc. industries. Quantum Energy’s extensive relationships in the oil and gas sector throughout the Western Hemisphere has brought it an awareness of the vast opportunities that exist in matching the products manufacturers in one area with those of end-users in another area.  Quantum Energy’s technical expertise in logistics and handling of specialized products has proven invaluable in arranging safe and timely deliveries to meet its commitments.

As market circumstances dictate, Quantum Energy may opt to process various feedstocks (such as natural gas and LPG’s) through fractionation agreements existing with various petrochemical entities on the U.S. Gulf Coast. Through these arrangements, Quantum Energy has the capability to custom blend products to meet its customer’s product requirements

Oil and Gas Exploration and Development

Quantum Energy has actively invested in several oil and gas fields in the US and around the world. Together with its long-term partner companies has many years of experience in the exploration and development of crude and natural gas and has keen interest in securing new and existing oil and gas development rights to implement on an international basis. Together with co-investment of other oil companies, who are strategic partners

Its management team plays an active role in evaluating and testing the best and practical solutions for developing new drilling sites and enhancing the production of existing facilities through the use of innovative technologies.

It currently has equity Interests in developing oil fields in Asia, South America, North America and Africa and has invested in a Joint Venture project for a very heavy crude basin in China for orimulsion-like product to be developed for European market.

Quantum Energy Inc., through its operating Mexican subsidiary Petroleos Energia Quantum S.A. (PEQSA), is working on PEMEX’s Multiple Services Contracts in the Burgos Basin in Mexico. 

Track Record in Land Based Drilling Operations:

1    Completed a significant number of gas and oil well projects over the last 12 years   of operations

2     Total operations are well in excess of 1500 wells

3    Type of Projects: Range from 400 meter shallow wells to under-balanced sour 

(>10 % H2S) wells using coil tubing drilling operations in excess of 2600 meters 

Breakdown of work performed is as shown below:



Quantum Energy Engineering Services: offers a wide range of services for engineering, drilling, environmental and geotechnical site investigation and remediation. Our experienced personnel and extensive resources allow us to solve the most complex technical problems and save time and money, without sacrificing quality.

Energy Engineering Services: has a team of registered professional petroleum engineers, geologist and geo-physicists to perform engineering and economic evaluations of each field, who analyze historical production, cash flow, production decline rates etc and estimate future well performance and future cash flows from each well operation. This minimizes and mitigates field and execution risks by taking into account uncertainties that are inherent in the business. In addition, Quantum has in-house expertise to provide engineering support and design for major projects including:

1        Interpretation of geophysical data

2        Preparation of geological models

3        Reservoir engineering and production engineering

4        Geological control of drilling

5        Our in-house engineering department could then supply the drilling budget and production increases required. 

It uses its affiliated firm engineering firm for their land based fields, which is a full service consulting engineering firm that provides comprehensive services to the upstream petroleum industry. They plan, develop, execute and manage all phases of operations from drilling through to well start-up assistance to production operations. This allows Quantum to variety of services to the petroleum industry. It allows us to handle the complete well operation; from survey plan and engineer/administer the operation through to the production phase.  We use a qualified well site consultant or facility optimization services.  .

Quantum can provide on a turnkey basis all of the drilling, completions and servicing expertise as well as  provide operations support including managing operations, supplying field expertise, managing facility projects and providing start-up assistance. Tackling multiple well packages are nothing new to the staff, bottom line pricing and successful logistical planning are the key ingredients for an efficient program completion.

Quantum Drilling Division:

The Group's principal activities are to act as a financial partner to the drilling contractor which would provide land and offshore contract drilling services to Quantum own projects or for its consortium members by using the parent company's financial strength to provide heavy tools on a rental basis on a worldwide basis to major, independent and foreign-state owned national oil and gas companies.

Quantum Energy has an affiliated company which is substantially sized rig, drilling and well servicing contractor. We would be using both local and foreign crews for exploration projects to be most cost effective. Quantum would bid for and nominate proven sub-contractors for casing, casing tools, tubing, cementing, logging and directional drillers. In most cases, the rig contractors would provide the drilling mud company and drill bit manufacturer. 

Quantum Drilling Division also performs all of the Exploration, Engineering and Project Management tasks of each project as well as establish and perform the bidding process and procurement with the subcontractors.

It specializes in the drilling of deep and difficult wells, drilling in remote and harsh environments, drilling in transition zones and offshore waters and in providing specialized rental tools. It also provides a range of services that are ancillary to its principal drilling services, including engineering and logistics, as well as various types of project management.

Quantum Drilling & Testing Division seeks to be widely recognized and strived to become a leader and innovator in drilling, sampling, and subsurface investigation, providing clients in industry and government with the highest quality services. 

We set the standard among drilling companies through the pursuit of one simple goal which is to provide our clients with high quality,innovative services performed in a timely and cost effective manner.


Quantum Drilling & Testing was formed to meet the increasing demand for quality drilling and sampling services, to offer state-of-the-art cone penetration and direct-push technologies. It is our ability to combine state-of-the-art equipment with advanced technologies and innovative thinking that sets us apart and allows us to provide exceptional performance and value time after time.

Each of Quantum’s engineers has a successful track record and as a team would provide and operate as a full service engineering firm that provides comprehensive services to the upstream petroleum industry. Our qualified professionals will plan, develop, execute and manage all phases of operations from drilling through to well start-up assistance to production operations of the project.

Quantum's technical staff has experience in offering a variety of quality services to the petroleum industry, for over two decades and its project and technical management team has completed for several major oil companies which includes:

1        The complete well operation from survey plan to engineering & administration of the operation through to the production phase.

2        To provide a qualified well site consultant or facility optimization services. Each service would be customized to meet your companies’ needs.

The experienced engineering and operations team have worked together at predecessor energy companies since 1993 to provide drilling, completions and servicing expertise. We have provided operations support including managing operations, supplying field expertise, managing facility projects and providing start-up assistance.

With a complete interdisciplinary team, Quantum will be able to execute project management, operations & business management as well as technical areas of the projects.

Drilling Methods

  • ·Underground Wireline Core Drilling

  • ·Surface Wireline Core Drilling

  • ·Reverse Circulation Drilling

  • ·Multipurpose Drilling

  • ·Directional Drilling

  • ·Environmental & Geotechnical Drilling

  • ·R.A.B. (Rotary Air Blast) Drilling

  • ·Water Well Drilling

  • ·Grade Control Drilling

Additional Services

  • ·Full Camp Facilities

  • ·Drill Program Planning

Drilling Systems

  • ·Wireline Core Sizes

  • ·Tri-Cone Sizes

  • ·Hammer Sizes

  • ·Odex System

Orienteering Equipment

  • ·Single-shot cameras

  • ·Multi-shot cameras

  • ·Inclinometers

  • ·Magnetometers






President, Robert Halprin has been actively involved in the oil and gas industry in the Webb County area since 1978.  Prior to that he supervised field production in south Texas for R.L. Burns Corporation and Stampede Energy of Toronto, Canada.  He graduated from Texas A&M in 1970.  

Chief Operating Officer , John Wampler, also serves as a board member, graduated in 1978 with a BS in Petroleum Engineering from University of Southwestern Louisiana, Lafayette, Louisiana.  Mr. Wampler has spent his 26 year career with Kerr-McGee Corporation, Valero Producing Company, and EOG Resources.  Mr. Wampler spent the last 20 years with EOG Resources holding several Engineering Managing Positions.  Sixteen (16) of the last 20 years was spent in Corpus Christi managing the Company’s South Texas Assets.  Mr. Wampler has Co-Authored several SPE Technical Papers on Drilling Fluids and PDC Bits.  Mr. Wampler once held 8 World Record Bit Runs as published by the Petroleum Engineer International in 1994. He is a member of SPE, API, and American Associations of Drilling Engineers

Chief Financial Officer, Charles Holcomb , board member and Chief Financial Officer, has been associated with Quantum for 15 years. Mr. Holcomb has a BBA in Finance from the University of Texas, a JD from St Mary’s Law School, and a Masters of Law and Taxation from New York University. He is a partner in the firm Schoenbaum, Curphy and Scanlan, specializing in taxation, business structures, oil & gas matters, financing assistance and IRS litigation.  Mr. Holcomb is Board Certified in Tax Law and Estate Planning and Probate Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization since 1983 and was one of the first attorneys in Texas board certified in both of these specialty areas.  

Senior Geologist , Peter Roberts Technical/Management Advisor, is an acknowledged authority on in-situ testing techniques and particularly on the electric cone penetration and seismic cone penetration tests. He has authored over 100 technical papers on the cone, dilatometer, and pressure meter and published a manual on the use and interpretation of cone penetration testing. He has conducted many seminars on in-situ testing methods throughout the world. Recent research has been directed towards the use of the Seismic Cone Penetration Test for Evaluating Liquefaction Potential and the Estimation of Foundation Settlements in Sand.  He has B. Sc. (Civil Engineering) Nottingham University, England and M.A.Sc. and Ph.D (Soil Mechanics) University of British Columbia. His professional affiliations include Association of Professional Engineers, Geologists and Geophysicists of Alberta, Canadian Geotechnical Society (CGS), Engineering Institute of Canada (EIC),  Fellow of EIC and Geotechnical Society of Edmonton

Senior Geologist, Bob Jumper , joined the Company in 1991 directing the geological programs and development programs of the company. Prior to joining the Company, he had performed various duties as an Exploration and Senior Geologist for Murchison Exploration Company and Martin Exploration Company.  He holds a MS in Geology and an MBA from Southern Methodist University. Mr. Jumper is a Certified Petroleum Geologist with over 20 years of experience and is a member of the Houston Geological Society.

Geologist- Arthur Jones joined the company as Director of Exploration. He has over 28 years of Oil & Gas exploration experience.  He has held technical and management positions with Union Oil of California, Tesoro Petroleum and Bright and Company. He has also worked as a consultant to many large and small petroleum companies. He holds a masters degree in Geology from the University of Missouri. He is a member of and has held positions as an officer in numerous professional organizations. He is licensed by the State of Texas as a Professional Geologist. 

Geologist- John Apperson graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 1978 with a BA double major in physics and geology, and has spent 25 years as a prospect generation and development geophysicist with Amoco Production Company, Tenneco Oil Company, and EOG Resources, Inc. He has extensive exploration experience in the U.S. Gulf coast, both onshore and offshore, and international experience in Central America, the Caribbean, and north Africa. He has focused the last 15 years on exploration in the prolific trends of south Texas, and has drilled over 360 wells in this trend with numerous new field discoveries. He is a member of the AAPG and is certified by the Texas Board of Professional Geoscientists.

Technical Advisor Dr. John D. Riggs is an internationally recognized energy expert with more than twenty years experience in worldwide hydrocarbon exploration-exploitation.  Formerly an explorationist with Amoco International Oil Company where he conducted seismic stratigraphy and basin analysis in Southeast Asia and Africa, he has achieved a superior record of geological-geophysical success in the discovery of several world-class oil discoveries, and has built a record of leadership and uncompromising integrity during the successful execution of such responsibilities as an Advisor to Foreign Energy Ministries and an Exploration and Exploitation Consultant for Oil Companies Worldwide. Recent clients are the USGS, PDVSA, ECOPETROL, GUPCO, MOL, PEMEX, YOMENCO as well as Anadarko, Apache, ChevronTexaco, ExxonMobil, Perez, Santos, and Wintershall.

An Associate Professor of Geology and Geophysics at the University of Oklahoma in Norman, Oklahoma, Dr. Riggs has published more than 100 papers and graduated more than 30 students on topics in integrated basin analysis. As director of the OU Basin Analysis Seismic Stratigraphy MPI Laboratory, his present studies focus on basin evolution, risk analysis, paleostress determinations, 2-D and 3-D seismic processing and sequence stratigraphy principally in basins of South America, Africa, Middle East, and Southeast Asia.  He holds a B.S. and an M.A. in Geology from the University of Texas at Austin and a Ph.D. in Geology from Northwestern University.

Reservoir & Acquisitions Engineer- Peter Tomlin is a registered petroleum engineer and holds a BS in Petroleum Engineering from Texas A & M University.  He is responsible for reserves and economic evaluations in regard to acquisitions, company-operated production optimization and maintenance and engineering well site supervision.  With a total of 23 years of industry-focused background. He has more than nine years of "hands-on" experience in various engineering capacities with Fina Oil & Chemical Co., Bay Rock Operating Co. and El Paso Exploration Co. In addition, he has 13 years of economic evaluation experience with NBC Bank and NCNB Texas Bank, as well as prior service with Quantum Energy Group and Venus Exploration, Inc. He is an active member of the Society of Petroleum Engineers, Society of Independent Earth Scientists and the American Petroleum Institute.

Operations Manager- Scott Wilkinson  joined the company in July 2002. He holds a B. S. in Petroleum Engineering and has over 30 years of experience in various drilling, production and management positions in the Rockies, South Texas and the Gulf Coast.  Prior to Joining the Company, Mr. Wilkinson spent nine years as General Manager of Operations for TransTexas Gas Corporation in Laredo and Houston.

He graduated from Texas A&M University in 1980 with degrees in Biochemistry and Chemical Engineering. In his 24 year career in the E&P Business, he has worked for Dresser Magcobar (gDrilling Fluids), Dresser Titan (Well Stimulation), Gruy Petroleum Management, and finally spent the last nineteen (19) years with EOG Resources. Thirteen (13) years were in Corpus Christi, Texas, working with completions and stimulation of deep, high pressure, hostile environment gas wells. The last six (6) years were spent in Oklahoma City, as Engineering Manager and Engineering Specialist, where he evaluated and helped develop several new plays. He has developed and numerous stimulation and completion techniques (i.e. stage fracing with sand plugs), which have become industry standards, particularly in South Texas. He is a member of SPE.

Marty Harrison ,Manager, Operations , is in-Charge of Operations /Engineering (Drilling /Completion and production) and Wellsite/production Supervision. He has decades of experience in preparation and implementation of drilling, completion and workover programs.  Supervised wellsite operations for drilling and completion operations.   Drilling, completion, workover and production engineering including preparation of programs and well licence applications.  Supervised operations, engineering and reservoir engineering, drilling, service work and reclamation. Supervise Activities involved with an 800+ ($ 600mm+) well program.  Have managed this size of program for over 5 years. Managed associated budgets and services contracts and a staff of 85.  Reduced costs during this time frame by over 25%.  Decreased cycle time of Lease prep to tie in by 20% Increased production to 1.3 Bcf/day while lowering Lease operating costs by 10 %. During this time worked with government organizations to develop new regulations as well as industry advisory groups. With over 13 years as Operations Manager. Gulf Canada Res had responsibilities for operations engineering for drilling Completions and service work.  Also prepared programs and governmental applications for drilling and service work including sour and critical sour wells. Managed operations budgets and staff associated.  Program size varied from 200 to 400 wells/year. Overseas he handled preproject evaluations in Northern Russia.  Looked after mob and demob as well as associated contracts for equipment to perform a 5-year project.  Production during project life of 25,000bbls/day. Operated as a  Offshore Barge Superintendent- BOC Nowsco Singapore where his responsibilities included   handling the day-to-day operations of an offshore stimulation barge in SE Asia. Supervised stimulations and personnel issues associated with a 340ft X 80 ft barge with a staff of 40 people. Worked with the design teams and the national oil companies.

Drilling Manager , Micheal M. Gregg. He has extensive professional experience in environmental and geotechnical contracting, consulting and project management. He has a bachelor's degree in Geological Engineering, and he is a Registered Water Well Contractor and Registered Environmental Assessor in California. He has a  B.S., Geological Engineering, 1984, University of Nevada - Reno, Mackay School of Mines. His experience includes 12 years at Gregg Drilling & Testing, Inc. / Gregg In-Situ, Inc., Signal Hill, CA where he managed the overall operations for both the drilling and cone penetration companies. These companies employ over 60 people throughout the United States. At Environmental Science & Engineering, Inc., Fountain Valley, CA, he was a field geologist and managed drill rig operations, sampled soil and groundwater, and prepared technical reports. He also has Certifications and Associations  with California State Well Drilling (C57) Contractor's License, Arizona, Nevada, Louisiana, South Carolina Well Drilling Contractor's License,Registered Environmental Assessor, California .

Patrick Keating, P.E., R.E.A:  has more than 15 years of professional experience in environmental and geotechnical drilling, consulting, and project management. He has a bachelor's degree in Geological Engineering and is a Registered Professional (Civil) Engineer in California and Nevada and has a B.S., Geological Engineering, University of Nevada - Reno, Mackay School of Mines. His 15 years of operational and project management. His project management experience includes soil and groundwater assessment and remediation, RCRA Corrective Action, and regulatory compliance for both private sector and public sector clients. His technical experience includes being a project manager for more than 100 site assessment, remediation, and regulatory compliance projects. He managed multiple projects for the Pacific Division Naval Facilities Engineering Command (PACDIV), the U.S. Air Force Center for Environmental Excellence (AFCEE), Port of Long Beach, Orange County Transportation Authority, Lockheed Aeronautical Systems Company, Allied Signal, and McDonnell Douglas. He performed this work in accordance with RCRA, CERCLA, and state/local government guidelines.

Engineering Manager, John R. Gartner, P. Eng.

In Charge of Operations Engineering (Drilling and Completion) and Wellsite Supervision. His responsibilities include preparation and implementation of drilling, completion and workover programs.  Supervise wellsite operations for drilling and completion operations.   Drilling, completion, workover and production engineering including preparation of programs and well licence applications.  Operations engineering and wellsite supervision for construction, drilling, service work and reclamation.  International field evaluations in Ukraine. Trained local well operators on horizontal wells in Cuba.  2004 drilling and completion budget in excess of $45,000,000 with initial combined production rates in excess of 10,000 bbls/day. As Engineer - CODECO Engineering Ltd his responsibilities included  Operations engineering for construction drilling service work and reclamation.  Also prepared programs and governmental applications for drilling and service work including sour and critical sour wells. As Service Supervisor - Canadian Fracmaster (Medicine Hat, Alberta), he had Supervision and operation of a twin-cementing unit. Has a BS from Univ. of Calgary ,Chemical and Petroleum Engineering , is a Member of APPEGA (The Association of Professional Engineers, Geologists and Geophysicists of Alberta) and Member of APEGS (The Association of Professional Engineers & Geoscientists of Saskatchewan)

Quantum Technical Services (QTS) believes partnering for success brings value to you - our partner.. the design, engineering and implementation of refinery, speciality chemical plants and petrochemical plants.

Client Confidentiality :The first step in partnering for success is the confidential exchange of ideas and information. You give us your objectives, schedule and budget, and we share our capabilities and experience with similar projects and processes. We commit to work with you each step of the way towards achieving your aggressive commercialization efforts.

QTS focuses on solutions for you...
QTS’s applications expertise is especially valuable during the project definition stage. Often, pilot plants we have already designed and built can easily be modified to meet your needs. This saves you time and engineering effort as well as providing the quality assurance of a unit that has already been field tested.

Broad, cross functional experience brings projects to a close quickly - cost effectively...
When you’re ready to proceed, our interdisciplinary engineering project team will maximize efficiency and expedite communication from preliminary engineering all the way through to delivery. You’ll work with the same team of engineers throughout the life of your project, which is particularly beneficial during post-fabrication testing and debugging, and during reassembly and start-up at your facility.

Project managed for communication & success...
The team project manager is your designated communications partner, keeping you informed and involved from the proposal stage through on-site production start-up. Our relationship doesn’t end when your pilot plant becomes operational. We are glad to help with demonstration and training runs, as well as remain on stand-by to provide any assistance you may need.

Revamps & Turnarounds

Our experience is in carrying out refinery revamps. We deliver a high quality product with engineering experts who design with an eye on costs, constructability, operability and safety that are able to follow the job through to site construction and commissioning. Our track record for completing projects on time, on schedule, while meeting aggressive costs targets is second to none.

For refinery turnarounds, we specialize in planning and delivering the toughest schedules and budgets with no compromise on quality and safety. We are able to manage an entire operation or work as part of an integrated team or alliance.

Our extensive experience of refinery turnarounds allows our clients to meet the tough requirements of planning refinery capital investment and maintenance

With over 60 years of experience with our principals in refinery industry. We've completed several  projects, from consultancy and small process unit revamps to large integrated grass roots complexes.

Whether it's a grassroots project, an expansion, or an upgrade, our experience and capabilities encompass plants that produce raw materials, intermediate products, and finished products..

We offer a complete range of expertise to our clients on a global basis. This includes all unit operations and engineering disciplines, specialist equipment, construction, operation, and health safety & environment. We also have extensive experience in using our clients' technologies. We can begin with project feasibility studies or basic design packages and see the most complex projects through every aspect of engineering, procurement, construction, and start-up.

Increasingly, petrochemical and polymer operations are being integrated with refineries to deliver significant synergies. In such complex project, we partner with world leaders in refinery/petrochemical integration.

We also offer a full refinery planning from initial market analysis and feasibility studies to the provision of an overall refinery master plan. We deliver high quality, cost-effective solutions and offer one of the largest expert engineering resources available in the industry. This strength, coupled with our global network of engineering offices, allows us to mobilize large teams very quickly to meet the most demanding schedules.

Our group executes a wide range of design and construction projects for clients in the oil refining industry, from single-unit revamps to multibillion dollar grassroots complexes. Clients benefit from our knowledge management system that supports collaboration among our employees to provide distinctive solutions. The skill and knowledge residing with our oil and gas employees located around the world can be quickly accessed to efficiently meet any process plant challenge. Our process engineers are easily linked with some of the industry's most renowned specialists in other disciplines such as:

  • ·         Piping and Plant Layout Optimization

  • ·         Reactor and Vessel Design

  • ·         Rotating Equipment

  • ·         Civil and Structural Design

  • ·         Advanced Controls and Electrical

  • ·         Metallurgy and Welding

  • ·         Environmental Compliance

Our extensive experience in optimizing the design, procurement and construction of distillation, hydro-processing, FCC, coking, octane enhancement, hydrogen production and sulfur removal units.  Our expertise in the total integration of utility and offsite systems for grassroots and revamped facilities has generated cost savings for clients and enhanced pre-commissioning and start-up schedules.

Clean Fuels

Quantum uses leading designers of new and revamped clean fuel production facilities, who have captured 50 percent of the market in North America.

Quantum has had significant clean fuels experience over the last decade. This experience includes low sulfur diesel programs in the early 90s, CARB gasoline programs in the mid 90s, and current ultra low sulfur gasoline and diesel programs to meet the EPA Tier-2 clean fuels requirements. We are currently executing clean fuels projects for refineries. Quantum has used this experience to help clients throughout North America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa produce clean fuels to comply with increasingly tighter specifications.

Quantum has corporate agreements in place with all the major clean fuels licensors to help accommodate fast-track projects. We work closely with our highly skilled global engineering centers in overseas to provide a lower cost solution for our clients.

Oil Sands & Heavy Oils

Quantum's has experience in oil sands and heavy oil upgrading projects ranges from the processing of refinery residual oil streams to the upgrading of well-head bitumen and the heaviest oil sands feedstocks. Major projects include Canadian and Venezuelan heavy oil sources. We provide upgrading solutions and expertise in oil sands mining, bitumen extraction and upgrading bitumen into synthetic crude oil, as well as supporting infrastructure and offsites.

Quantum's oil sands experience began in the late 1970s and continues to be upgraded as heavy oil deposits fill an ever-greater portion of the world's energy needs. Our personnel have provided services ranging from conceptual studies to full detailed engineering design, procurement and construction of heavy oil upgrading facilities with plant values. With our experience, Quantum provides world-class solutions to our clients on heavy oil projects by incorporating our expertise in distillation, hydro-processing, coking and gasification technologies among others.


For more than 30 years, Quantum has been continuously engaged at the forefront of gasification technology. We have achieved this prominent position by developing improved plant designs and maintaining a thorough knowledge of gasification technology and licensors. We have worked on gasification projects and have executed plant optimization studies. Our unique combination of expertise in designing power plants, oil refineries, gas processing and synthesis facilities add value to each client's project.

We design gasification plants that are efficiently integrated into an oil refinery and produce both electricity and other valuable byproducts. We have worked with a variety of feedstocks that have included coal, petroleum coke, heavy oil and other feedstocks. Each of these challenging projects had specific downstream processing requirements and a wide range of end products and by-products.

Gas to Liquids

Quantum has taken a role in the development and execution of gas-to-liquids facilities. Our role included studies to support development of technology, cost estimates, optimization, process designs and detailed engineering and construction. We have invested in major Fisher-Tropsch plants that are in operation today and gained expertise in gasification, reforming and reactor designs. Quantum has additional expertise in converting stranded gas to liquids in an offshore environment.

Quantum's operating personnel efficiently solve petroleum refining challenges by utilizing our innovative design capabilities. Our professionals are experienced in taking projects from the conceptual phase through construction, start-up and maintenance. This skill and knowledge assist us in providing clients with appropriate solutions to the challenges they are facing.

Our innovative design technologies and cost-focused execution helps clients: 

·         Reduce Operating Costs

·         Improve Profitability

·         Increase Production Efficiencies

Front-End Engineering

Our front-end engineering strengths quickly transform conceptual designs into quality design packages. We have the experience needed to mitigate risk and uncertainty and help our clients without compromising safety.

Our expertise with all phases of design helps us find solutions that include the right balance between reliability, operability and cost.

Program Management

Many petroleum refining projects around the world are large, technically complicated and logistically challenging. Our project managers can help integrate project teams by using Quantum's industry-leading methodologies, technologies and work practices to increase each client's competitive advantage.

Our project managers also specialize in small projects and can identify the most cost-effective and timely manner to complete the scope of work, which often involves tie-ins to existing facilities.

The diverse expertise of our project managers allows them to provide the critical analysis and the distinctive solutions that can achieve the highest levels of quality and safety.

Detailed Design

During the detailed design phase, our engineers coordinate and develop designs that help deliver projects that are safe, reliable, easy to operate, and cost-effective. Our inter-disciplinary task force approach is particularly valuable for finding optimum solutions for your projects.

Quantum leads the industry in our design-to-construct and design-to-operate philosophies incorporating both constructability and maintainability early in the design.


Quantum leads the industry in the development and use of automated design tools that streamline our work process and focus on providing clients with informed solutions.

These tools help our clients make informed decisions quickly to help minimize rework and reduce schedule delays.


Quantum's procurement experience provides our clients with a solid advantage in the purchase of materials and components that are critical to the successful execution of petroleum refining projects.

Quantum's Differentiated Approach to Procurement Includes:

  • A global network of procurement professionals in more than 5 countries providing immediate access to virtually all manufacturing, fabrication and distribution centers around the world

  • A strong worldwide team of professional fabrication expeditors, inspectors, and transportation and logistics specialists, that help to enable a faster delivery of equipment and materials

  • Quantum's strong knowledge of international suppliers and market trends has helped reduce project costs. Quantum is continuously tracking the pricing of major commodities and the associated impact on equipment and material pricing.  


At the core of Quantum's construction expertise is our experienced, global construction management team. The breadth of Quantum's Petroleum Refining experience that has executed projects . Our extensive experience with country regulations, requirements and building codes allows us to efficiently mobilize equipment and construction teams.

Construction Technology: We use state-of-the-art, on-site project automation tools and work practices to improve quality and efficiency and to provide the highest level of safety.

Flexible Labor Environment: Our ability to operate in any labor environment allows Quantum to tailor a specific approach that optimizes schedule and minimizes cost to help achieve the client's objectives. We are equally strong performing as either a direct-hire contractor or as a construction manager. We maintain strong subcontractor relationships by taking proven specialty subcontractors. We then continuously monitor their performance to create value for our clients.

Constructability Reviews: Quantum utilizes early construction involvement in the project's conceptual and design phases to perform constructability reviews that save our clients time and money by anticipating, identifying and solving potential project pitfalls.

Our Projects that implement our process typically see very high Benefit to Cost ratio( approximately 10X) and Cost Saving of 5-6 percent.

Natural Gas, Crude and Refined Oil Marketing Services

Quantum Energy  is becoming an emerging provider of natural gas, crude and refined product marketing services. The company has worked for the last two decades with businesses ranging from natural gas production, gathering and processing, and transmission, as well as liquefied natural gas transport and receiving, petroleum logistics, power generation, and merchant energy services. 

Quantum Energy, is planning to enrich its assets which are in the form of concessions for gas pipelines and gas exploration rights and fully integrate these across the natural gas value chain. It is committed to developing new supplies and technologies to deliver energy to communities around the emerging countries in Asia, Africa and South America.

Quantum Energy combines exceptional commercial skills to add value for its customers and its shareholders. The company’s businesses will be emerging as leaders in the energy segment in several countries.  

 Quantum Energy Other Activities


 Natural Gas  Activities

Quantum Energy's regional subsidiary in Eastern Europe is involved in small scale LNG development of LNG facilities based on its in-house expertise would  construct and operates liquefied natural  gas (LNG) receiving terminals and manages the supply and sales agreements associated with those facilities. Due to the high crude oil prices, Quantum Energy has found a niche in local LNG markets in the Black Sea area.  And is poised to help deliver this unique fuel to markets around the world, particularly in Eastern Europe. The company has plans to expand into several downstream businesses related this sector.

Crude Processing Agreements

Through direct and joint venture agreements with European and Caribbean refiners, Quantum provides the export crudes from Iraq, West/Central Africa and South America and allows it to exploit the refined products opportunity to trade in Europe, US East Coast and Gulf Coast markets.

Energy Trading Operations

Quantum Energy as a trading company is a supplier of a crude oil and petroleum products. These commodities originate either from National Oil Companies or global major oil companies directly or indirectly owned production assets, or are secured by processing contracts or lifting arrangement by Quantum from third parties, or they benefit from the refining, processing or marketing expertise of Quantum Energy.

Quantum Energy SA is a privately held company owned by its management and employees. Headquartered in Switzerland, Quantum Energy SA employs over 45 traders and logistics professionals worldwide.

Crude Oil Trading : In the US,we trade in various types of Crude including designated at such as locations St.James, Teppco Cushing, Guernsey, Empire, Houma, Clovelly, Teppco Midland, ExxonMobil Midland, Patoka, and Equilon Basin Pipeline. And these Canadian locations: Wood River, Guernsey Express, Mokena Enbridge. Grades traded : HLS, LLS, Bonito Sour, Eugene Island, Poseidon, Mars, WTS, WTI, Foreign Sweet, Foreign Sour, Domestic Sweet, Hoover-Diana, and Wyoming Sweet. We also trade in Canadian grades including: Lloyd Blend, Lloyd Wainwright, Bow River, and Mixed Sweet. We also have overseas refiners that purchase foreign crude from the Middle East South America , Africa and Russia.  

Quantum Energy’s Supply & Trading department conducts trading and risk management activities in crude oil & refined petroleum products around the globe. While Quantum Energy’s Supply & Trading department was formed recently, its trading businesses have grown over the course of more than 20 years, ever since Quantum’s predecessor companies first began trading crude oil. Now, handling one of the world’s most specialized crude oil trading operations to source crude oil from around the world – handling more than 200 types of crude – Quantum Energy has the ability to utilize its close political and commercial relationships with several areas of strengths:

  • National Oil companies at the most senior levels at NNPC, EcoPetrol, PDVSA, ADNOC , PEMEX etc.
  • Heads of State and Ministers of Oil & Energy in over 43 countries
  • Major Crude oil Trading Companies relationships built over the last 20 years
  • Major Global Energy firms including ExxonMobil, Shell, Ajip,  ChevronTexaco, ConocoPhilips, Elf ,Total, StatOil  and Marathon as well as independent oil producers such as Kerr-McGee.
  • Shipping Company contacts with relationships with world’s largest Tanker Owners/Operators for cost effective chartering and logistics of crude oil shipments throughout the globe such as Teekay, Frontline .OMI Corp.,etc.

Quantum Energy's Network of financial contacts throughout the globe allows it to provide the financing of trade deals for decades with major international banking relationships with Paribas, ABN-Ambro, Barclays, HSBC and Credit Lyonnais to finance large crude trades and processing agreements for refineries.

Geographical Areas of Activity:

Quantum Energy has been trading large volumes of crude oil sourced in the following countries from Arab Countries (Kuwait, Algeria, Iraq, Libya), West Africa ( Nigeria, Gabon, Equatorial Guinea) , South America (Brazil, Ecuador, Venezuela, Mexico and Colombia) and Europe ( Norway) as well as local Canadian & US production.







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