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Group Profile

Quantum Group is a diversified company with interests in several growth industries, which have expanded globally over the last two decades.

With predecessor firms dating back to mid-80s, it has achieved several decades of cross-industry experience in varied fields which include investments in infrastructure , real estate, new technologies including wireless, alternative energy and subsoil resources development of both the metals, minerals and hydrocarbon deposits.

Majority of the Group's entities are investments in companies, where Quantum's management may have majority control in the operating companies and as well as minority equity investments.

Operating Companies are in various industries such as :              

 Telecommunications  which includes Wireless Video Content Delivery Platform, Wireless   Community Utilities Services, IPTV, Mobile Virtual Network Operator Added Value Services and advisory services for global fiber backbone Managed Services and  national/global gateway.

 Quantum Media:  Content delivery for satellite,cable and broadcast TV as well as implementation of IPTV projects. 

  Electric Power Industry which includes Private Power Generation under the name of  New England Power Company develops, owns and operates gas, hydroelectric and coal fired power plants in Asia, Africa and South America including Alternate Energy Projects  in wind , geothermal as well as fuel and solar cell development in cooperation with ITN. It also does Power Plant Contract Services that are O& M , small EPC, distributed control systems and systems integration projects. Also, transmission projects upto 330 kVA catergory.

   Energy Industry involvement under Quantum Energy for Oil & Gas Exploration, Production and Oilfield Services, pipelines, refineries, petrochemical plants projects.  

Mining Industry participation through Quantum Mines & Minerals which includes precious metals, bauxite, copper, nickel ,iron ore and coal mining concession including the involvement in chemical and fertilizer project development.

Water Industry: City Water Systems as well as sewage systems for small towns and provide clean potable water under a well driving program for remote villages and semi desert areas.   

  Real Estate projects include development of two (2) World Trade Centers in two emerging countries as well as participation in major casino resorts as well as special purpose properties globally such as nanotech centers and datacenters

   Telecom related software services development   E-Commerce software and Payment Gateway, Smart card Software technologies and Wireless Video Delivery Software.

   IT Software Offshore Outsourcing to China with Greater China Contracts from Japan,China & Korea market for financial & telecom sectors as well as IT applications for clinical research and utilities.

   Infrastructure Projects: for direct equity investments or acting as a co-developer in a consortium for BOT and BOO or other private ownership schemes for existing or new transportation, logistics, airports, toll-way, tunnel or bridge projects.

For further details, please see Group Profile.

Important Notice: 

Quantum Group Holding Company Split up into Businesses and Separate Companies

Zurich, Switzerland (December 5, 2005), Quantum Group has separated all of its businesses and shifted to a non-holding company system as of June 1, 2006.

The spun-off of the Quantum Group into several business companies and few common-function companies will further rapidly promote their technological innovations and business transitions in their respective business fields. Quantum Group, which has been a holding company to date, is now split into independent legal entities with a common global network of last standing professional investment and industry managers who will continue to work together under a common umbrella of "Quantum Group", even though they are independent organizations, which will have no common legal or financial commonality

This new paradigm will invoke more aggressive growth management of the newly structured groups which will operate and fund its own operations, gain market share, and yet work cooperatively to tap inter organizational talent, technical skills, resources and funding from other Quantum Group organizations.

All office structures shall be forced to become more "virtual" to contain expenses and the organization with strive towards a truly evolving i-office structure wherein majority of the personnel will be interconnected via the internet for communications and teamwork rather than face to face meetings in typical office environments.

In today’s post 9/11 changing world where global competition, networking is ever-more expediting, we have been seeking the most efficient corporate structure to succeed in each business field. At Board of Directors meeting held on October 7, 2005, we made a decision to execute company separation agreements for the de-establishment of a holding company by splitting its businesses. On December 11, 2005, special shareholders’ meeting was held to obtain approval of the company separation agreements, and we have shifted to the new corporate structure.

By aggressively promoting such a drastic corporate structural change, we will further expedite management decision-making, further strengthen competitiveness of the business companies, aggressively promote alliances in order to maximize corporate value and to seek shareholder satisfaction, customer satisfaction, and employee satisfaction.

Purpose and Functions of the New Corporate Structure

Quantum is actively providing investments, products and services both in form of direct equity ownership or in the form of advisory services in wide-ranging fields wherein each of its business segments has its embedded ‘core competence’ of its intellectual capital of its professionals and management teams which has been developed over the last two decades of successful operations. Each of these areas of intellectual capital has been designated as a business domain such as energy, power, telecom, IT and real estate development. In each of these fields, market needs are changing quickly along with the rapid assimilation of the newest technologies, quick development response to commercialization and global networking of deep-domain talent. These changes demand drastic reforms to conventional business models in owning and managing businesses as well as in the design, development and construction of infrastructure projects.

To continue to grow under these conditions, Quantum further promote to identify niches in each markets which are "pockets of growth opportunity" which require nimble action to monetize and would be difficult for large corporate organizations to capitalize on. However, these opportunities are generally " new un-trodden paths" with unique political and commercial risks inherent. It is this "risk management and analysis" , particularly in emerging countries , which Quantum excels in to maximize its investor returns. Quantum combines this on the basis of competitive core technologies and with its reformed business structure speedily addresses the needs of these countries and in a manner that is appropriate to the needs of each market.

To this end, Quantum clearly separated decision-making of the group management and business operations, and in order to maximize corporate value, shifted to the most efficient corporate structure having a separate management and board of advisors company, several operating business corporations and certain common function companies. To enhance competitiveness in all of its fields, these Quantum’s operating businesses have been reorganized according to such criteria as market characteristics, customers, and value chain, while the common function companies have been established to raise levels of specialization and enhance efficiency in indirect operations.

Quantum today refers to a network of member firms of the Quantum Group of companies, each of which is a separate and independent legal entity. The Quantum Group will continue tol seek to maximize corporate value for the entire Quantum Group by promoting portfolio management and fortifying corporate governance—such as planning and deciding the group strategy (planning of budget and medium-term strategy, strategic alliances, incubation of new businesses, rearranging business portfolio), optimizing distribution of managerial resources (human resources, finance, technologies, etc.), enforcing group management and monitoring (compliance, corporate brand, environmental safety, quality control, information technology, operational evaluation).

Quantum will strive to further bolster competitiveness in each of its businesses through clear delineation of responsibility, independent management, flexible organizational administration, and speedy decision-making.

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